Sometimes the Only Response Is Laughter

Just the other day at work, a customer stormed out.  Usually this happens because we don’t have the item they want in stock (Ninjini for Skylanders).  But this time was different.

She walked up to my register, where I was already checking someone else out.  Well, normally, it doesn’t take that long to ring out.  This time was no different.  However, the person I was checking out wanted to make 2 small transactions instead or 1.  Whatever, not a big deal.  Her first transaction was 3 items, her second was 1.

Anyway, I’m about to tell her the total for her second transaction, when the woman behind her says, “I hate this place.  There’s never any check-outs open.”  She places her two items on my counter and leaves.


I mean, sure there were only two cash registers open; but, there were only 3 people in line.  Total.  Between both stations.  Should we have a third cash register open just so everyone in line gets their own cash register?

She also complained that “There’s never anyone to help you on the floor.”  Which I get.  To a point.  I mean, that day there were a few of us.  Sure we were doing tasks (who wants to walk around the store with nothing to do on a weekday?); but that doesn’t mean we don’t ask if people need help when they pass us.  And sure, two of us are stuck up front because we can’t leave the electronics area in case someone wants to get a game from the case and we can’t leave the customer service area in case the phone rings.

Still, that’s only 2 of the 5 employees in the store…  Plus, if you ask me for assistance, I’ll usually point you were you need to go and/or send someone to help you, if it’s too far for me to wander.

So, yeah, as she left, I needed to school my expression and not laugh… Some days it’s harder than others (like when a kid crashes on a bike and his parents try to blame you…try not laughing in the parents’ faces [even if you were on the computer looking up an item for them at the time]; they don’t like that very much, I’ve noticed).

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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