What the New Star Wars Trilogy Should Be

We all know, by know (I hope), that Disney bought the rights to Star Wars (and shut down LucasArts).  And ever since, every nerd worth his/her salt has been speculating about what the new trilogy will be.

Some want the existing EU [Expanded Universe, not European Union…who’d make a movie about that?]; i.e. The Thrawn Trilogy or the Yuuzhan Vong War.

But Disney said it’s going to go its own route [duh].

I think, though, that the new saga should mirror the old.  The first three movies should be about the children of Han and Leia and Luke and Mara Jade…plus a few others (Chewbacca, Lando, etc.).  But, the way the prequels–the only time I’ll say they have merit (unless compared to Twilight)–showed Anakin’s fall to Darth Vader, this new trilogy should show (spoiler alert) Jacen’s fall to Darth Caedus.  Yeah, that’d be sweet.

I think the opening sequence should show the Sarlacc spitting out Boba Fett’s head.  I mean, why redub his voice to sound like Jago (um, he is a clone).  Couldn’t his helmet have had a voice modulator?  Sheesh.  [On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t reveal that I don’t like am not the biggest fan of Boba Fett (and lose all your loyal reader)].

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