Levels of Nerd

Everything in life has rankings.  In sports there is a first place and a last place.  Your workplace has a hierarchy.  So, it would make sense that there are different levels of nerd.

Depending on your perspective, where you rank is either good or bad.  But most in the highest tier of nerdom want to attain true master of the craft [no judgement here though].  Because really, at the end of the day, it’s all about who has the coolest costume at a convention.

The ranks are listed from lowest to highest (so… descending order?).

Those who play sci-fi and/or fantasy video games
Those who watch sci-fi and/or fantasy TV shows and/or movies.
Those who watch movies and TV shows based on superheroes.
Those who read graphic novels.
Those who debate graphic novels.  [Not their merit as a genre, but rather their themes and…well, you get it.]
Those who buy memorabilia from their favorite show(s)
Those who RP (D&D style, text-based, LARP, whatever) in their favorite/chosen universe
Firefly fans (i.e., Browncoats)
Those who search online for more information about their favorite universe
Those who go to comic-cons
Those who read the expanded universe novels
Those who have read the entirety of an expanded universe
Those who dress up at comic-cons
Dr. Who fans Those who write their own fan-fic (because we all know the only point of writing a fan-fic is to insert yourself into your favorite world […not that there’s anything wrong with that])
Those who think the actors on their favorite shows are the characters they play
Those who have accurate, show quality costumes worn at comic-cons

Note: You don’t have to reach each level successively.  It is possible to jump levels without meeting the requirements of a previous level; it’s just rare.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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