More Than 20 Less Than 1000

It always surprises me how many cars I see on the way to work.  …In the wee hours of the morning.  The other day, as I was going to work, around 5:30 AM (way too early), I decided to count how many cars I saw (also, a good way to fall asleep?).

I stopped counting once I hit 20.

I couldn’t believe there were over 20 people driving on the road.  Were they all going to work?  I hope they were just coming home from parties after sobering up [the bars close at 2, so…].  Whatever the case, it was too early to be going to work.

And, I’ve even been on the road earlier, 4:30 AM, and seen other cars.  What’s the deal?  Don’t people sleep anymore?  Or am I just driving around with insomniacs?

I know I’m driving around with people who can’t drive…or are clearly not awake while driving.

As I was approaching the freeway, a car on my right merged behind me (usually happens, even with no one on the road, people seem unaware of where they are going).  But, as we left the on ramp, he proceeded to try and pass me. In. The. Merge. Lane.

Not sure if you know this, but a merge lane isn’t the ideal spot to pass someone.  Because the merge lane ends.  My choice was drive on the shoulder or merge into him.

I took the third option.  Honk my horn.  Thankfully, he moved over long enough for me to merge.  Then exited at the very next exit.

And the oddest part?  Before we were at the freeway, we were stopped side-by-side at a red light and I accelerated faster than him.
Note: I don’t accelerate very fast (due to a combination of wanting to increase gas mileage and having a 4-cylinder engine [but I still like my little Fiesta]).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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