Found a Spare, Lend a Spare

As I drove home from work, I saw a tire on the freeway.

[See, now that’s an attention-grabber.  Maybe I should start off a short story with that line…]

It’s a really weird feeling when you see a tire in the road.  Not just a tire, a full wheel.  You wonder where the car is that it came from.  So, you look around, then realize you’re still driving toward the wheel.

It stands upright, menacing, between two lanes, following the dotted white line.  The cars around you slow.  Red lights flash.  You watch as the tire rotates and begins to roll toward the shoulder.

Then you’re past it.

No derelict car in sight.  No car skidding across the pavement shooting sparks.

Could someone have lost a spare?  Wouldn’t they notice?  Pretty sure most spares aren’t easily lost, but what about those on Jeeps?  But this one didn’t have a cover on it with a smiley face (dang).

Maybe Superman got into a tire throwing competition with the Hulk (insert crossing universe rage).  But how can you evaluate who won with only one tire?

Oh, and don’t worry Mom, I’m fine.  So’s the car, Dad.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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