People Don’t Even Read the Medium Print

The signs at the store have three levels of print.  The large print which reads: “Sale” and whatever the sale is, i.e. “Buy 1 get 1 50% off these games”.  The medium print will tell you which games.  The fine print will detail any other exclusions or provisions.  Most people don’t get past the large print.

I once had a customer bring up a Fisher Price toy and tell me they were “Buy 1 get 1 half off”.  She even said the signs were posted everywhere.  Since nothing came up on my register I walked back to check.  The signs were only in the Fisher Price baby toy department.  She brought up a toy from the regular Fisher Price section…not really nearby.  And, no signs in that section.

That’s not even the worst I’ve had people say (maybe they’re trying to pull a fast one?)

The other day, I had a customer buying toddler clothes.
Customer: “What’s the price on these?”
Me: “There x dollars, but they are buy one get one half off.”
Customer: “There’s no sale for members?”  (Our rewards card earns you points toward coupons, not additional discounts…though occasionally there are members only sales [rarely, usually just coupons].)
Me: “They’re buy one get one half off.”

That same day, 2 different customers got upset because our promotional gift cards activate after 6 hours, you can’t use them right away (clearly a gimmick to get return customers [what store doesn’t do that?]).  One gentleman got so upset, he left his WiiU on the counter and stormed out, after yelling at both the cashier (not me) and the manager.  …He returned a few moments later to buy a small purchase [under $10].  The second was a lady who I told, then she went to a different cashier and asked him.  He asked me if there was anything we could do and the lady said, “He already told me no” (then why ask?  You clearly know the answer).

But the worse [still the same day] was a woman who swore a Kindle Fire HD wasn’t a tablet.
Customer: “It’s not a tablet.  I Googled it.”
Me: “Our system considers it a tablet.”
Customer: “It’s not, I googled it.”

Well, if you Googled it, it must be something different than a tablet.  I mean, it’s not like its flat, touchscreen, has an app store, a camera, and wifi capabilities (if it looks like a duck…).  Perhaps its a telbat?  Or has Amazon created a unique beast (like a griffin?) and we must all strive to name it ourselves, each calling it what we deem fit?

Seriously?  Allow me to use a Scrubs quote, courtesy of Dr. Cox: “If you hear hoof beats, go ahead and think horsey, not zebra.”  I had to walk away (thankfully she wasn’t at my cash register) because I really couldn’t stop from laughing.  Sorry…not really.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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  1. OK, now that’s hilarity

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