Brackets Ruined!

Did anyone else not pick Harvard or Florida Gulf Coast University to upset?  Well, they did.  They upset countless brackets and the people vying for the top prizes.

I mean, sure, some Harvard students probably picked their school to win over New Mexico.  That’s not hard to understand, school pride and whatnot; but did anyone outside the Ivy League pick them?  Probably.

But no one picked UFCG to upset Georgetown.  Not the top pollsters, not the pundits, not the guys making brackets with friends, or for fun or as a joke.  Because Georgetown is expected to make it past the first round.  Except, they didn’t.  Thanks a lot Florida Gulf Coast.  You just ruined my bracket (and everyone who picked Georgetown to go to the Final Four hates you).

Congratulations are grudgingly due, however.  It’s not every tournament a 2 gets knocked off by a 15.  That’s history right there.

I for one, like the upsets (but not surprises; who likes surprises?).  They shake up the status quo (plus my brackets are already ruined), I say keep them coming.  Let’s ride this train as long as we can.

By the numbers there were quite a few upsets.  Though we usually expect a 9 to beat an 8 (they’re basically the same seed); we rarely expect a 3 to fall or even a 5.

#12 Oregon over #5 Oregon State
#9 Wichita St. over #8 Pittsburgh (technically)
#12 Ole Miss over #5 Wisconsin
#12 La Salle over #4 Kansas St.
#14 Harvard over #3 New Mexico
#10 Iowa State over #7 Notre Dame (sorry Pope Francis)
#11 Minnesota over #6 UCLA
#15 FGCU over #2 Georgetown
#9 Temple over #8 North Carolina St.
#12 Cal over #5 UNLV

But, only one 5 made it out of the first round.  Keep that in mind next year (I’ll probably forget).


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One Response to Brackets Ruined!

  1. bkreuch says:

    When will the madness end?
    #9 Witchita St. over #1 Gonzaga
    #12 Oregon over #4 St. Louis

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