Global Market Crash?

Interesting article.  Wonder if it’s true (they can’t put anything on the internest that’s not true).  If so, kinda scary.

There’s a lot out there these days that make me think the end is near (though it’s been 3 months since 12/21 and we’ve been [mostly] incident free [a few asteroids don’t count, right?].)  I often wonder if my money isn’t safer underneath my mattress, where I can keep an eye on it (and defend it).

I mean, at least if it’s under my mattress, I know where it is.  And can count it.  When it’s in the bank, it’s just a statement I get every month that tells me I have money.  What’s the good in that?  I can’t count that.

Of course, if I have my money in my mattress and the economy collapses, will it be worth anything?  Should I keep it in coins rather than in bills?  At least I can melt the coins…are they even made from precious metal anymore?

I suppose the house of cards that is our economy will crash eventually.  Then we’ll return to the barter system (how many chickens will I need to trade to get an Aston Martin?).  Or, if we ever reach the utopia that was the Federation, we’ll have no need of money or an economy at all (too bad Obama cancelled our space program; that would’ve solved all our problems…eventually).

Actually, I don’t recommend hiding your money in your mattress (that’s the first place people look).  Think outside the box.  Though the washing machine’s out too, unless you remember to remove your money before doing the laundry (unless you’re a mobster).


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