How Politicians Ruined My World View

When you read books, life seems so simple.  Good versus evil.  It’s all very black and white.  Things (and characters) fall easily into two categories.  Why isn’t life so cut and dry?

There are shades of gray (like the book? …or are there more than fifty?).

Why can’t life be separated into good and bad (or at least not good)?  We try to divide our food along those lines.

Is politics so different?  It’d be so much easier if one party stood for morality and another immorality (whose morality?  Yours?  Mine?).  If one party voted for If one party chose to fight for social justice and the other to fight for social injustice.

But that’s not the case.  Unfortunate.  It’d make voting so much easier (or at least more clear on which side you stand).

People often ask each other which political party they support.  And it’s usually a fairly easy answer.  But does one party really encompass everything you want out of government?

I just think it’d be nice if we were able to divide everything along similar lines.  Then we could at least we’d see politicians fighting as battles.  Battles in books are so exciting (even if you know good will triumph over evil).  Battles in the real world are scarier and more uncertain (because there aren’t true good and evil sides?).

In a world where things are truly black and white, would we be better off?  Or do we like to walk the line and hide in the grey?  [Would laws be more harsh (harsher?)?]


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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