Jurassic Park 4 Should Be Like Rocky IV

I’m on a dinosaur tear.  Maybe it’s because Jurassic Park 3D is coming to theaters soon-ish or maybe it’s because I’m a huge dino-nerd (the latter, no doubt).  But, I’ve definitely got dinos on the brain.

Anyway (note, it’s not anyways)…

We all love a good underdog story.  Jurassic Park 3 clearly portrays T-Rex as an underdog to Spinosaurus.  Who didn’t feel a twinge of regret a slight tug of a tear at the corner of the eye when the Tyrannosaur was defeated?  Only heartless wretches, that’s who (so, Davy Jones?).

I think JP4 should show a flashback to that scene.  Then show the young T-Rex from Lost World training to defeat the Spinosaurus.  Running in his sweats, climbing the stairs (can’t really celebrate with his arms above his head…), fighting in the meat locker, etc.  All so the T-Rex can face and–after a long, drawn out, exhaustingly brutal fight–ultimately defeat the Spinosaurus.  Much like Rocky avenges Apollo Creed’s death to Ivan Drago…yeah, I went there.

Let’s be honest, you’d watch that movie.  I know I would.

…Oh, and people would be in it, too.  They’d run from the dinosaurs; I mean, without that, it’s not really a JP movie, is it?  Just as long as there are no dinosaurs with laser beams on their heads.  [Not that I’m against that, I am a big fan of Dino-Riders; but it’s not a JP movie, to me, if dinosaurs fight alongside humans.]


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