A Valentine’s Day Snippet

I’m too distraught over the Olympics cutting wrestling to write a funny post.  Instead, I’ll give you an excerpt from my magnum opus, my ninth symphony (you’re writing a song? [no, it’s a….nevermind]).

I mean, if we can’t through our writing out into the ether and let it get judged by nameless faces, what good is the internet?

Though, I suppose I could’ve written this just for this post and you’d be none the wiser (that’d be cheating).  Let’s say I didn’t (is this a first write, a rough draft, or a polished piece? [you tell me]).

Annie Pritchard slid along the railing beside me.  Her uniform matched mine: a dark red jacket with a silver lion on the left collar and black breeches.  Her dark hair was longer than the last time I saw her, hanging just past her shoulders.  With her grey eyes focused on the city, I studied her face.  Her short, slightly upturned nose.  The way her face tapered into a soft point.  The light freckles on her cheeks.  The gentle oval of her lips.

“Something on my face?” Annie asked.  She wiped a hand across her face, from forehead to jaw.

I blinked.  “N-nothing,” I stammered.

She twisted her lips to the left, “Okay…”

You’re welcome.  If you’re anything like me, you have a short attention span you’ve stared at a girl until your eyes have gone numb.  Next time, try saying “Hi.”  It’s Valentine’s Day, take a chance.

Or stay home, I don’t judge.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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