Groundhog’s Day and Lent…in the same month?

Is it weird to you that Groundhog’s Day is in the same month as Ash Wednesday?  Did you know Ash Wednesday comes before Valentine’s Day this year?  Which is actually pretty exciting, since I can just give up dating for Lent and not have to worry about VD (wouldn’t you need to start dating, first, in order to give it up? [a detail]).

And Groundhog’s Day, I mean, what a crock.  Clearly Mother Nature is trying to prove a point.  I think we’ve had more snow since Punxsatawney [yep, I googled how to spell that] Phil didn’t see his shadow and said there would only be 42 more days of winter.  Or maybe she just wants to stick it to Al Gore and President Obama’s inaugural address.  Because it doesn’t feel like global warming, to me…sure there was that one Thursday near the end of January where it reach around 60 degrees, but that doesn’t, doesn’t count (like that business on Cato Neimoidia [sadly didn’t need to google that]?).

There’s much to enjoy about winter, still. Obviously, Nature doesn’t want us to forget that. Either that or it’s just trying to remind me that Michigan can have all four seasons in one month.  As opposed to other states that just have one (some have one all year).

So, now, you’re probably trying to decide what to give up for Lent–since it’s only a week away–and wondering what I’m giving up.  Well, I’m not really sure.  I’m too focused on paczki to worry about the day after.

I’ll just do what I usually do, wake up in a delirium after Fat Tuesday, vow “Never again” and try to find something easy to do during Lent, like give up paczki.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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