Service with a Grimace

Ever have one of those days?  Work is always one of those days (because it’s work and not play).  But some days, you just wonder what’s wrong with people.  But you can’t tell them off, because you’ll probably lose your job.  And let’s face it, in this economy, you’re not likely to get another anytime soon (thanks, Obama).

Just the other day, I was minding my own business, working as a cashier at the toy store.  We weren’t too busy and, as per usual, after the holidays only had two registers open to check out, mine in electronics and the customer service desk.  Unfortunately, the customer service desk has a burned out light (which might get replaced before next Christmas…maybe).

Well, I’m scanning out a lady’s items.  [Sidenote: this register counter is shaped like a U and actually has four register stations on it; but only one light.  I happen to be working on the side away from the light…just happened to be the register I was assigned.]  A married couple (man and  woman, just for clarity’s sake, you never know anymore) comes up to the side with the light.  No big deal, happens all the time (even when I’m clearly checking cashing someone out on the other side. Case in point.).  Well, the wife asks, “Is anyone working this side?”  Her tones was a bit impatient, but I let it slide.  I replied, “Yes, me, but on this side.”  So, you’d expect them to get in line behind the woman I am currently helping.  Wrong.  They stay were they are and place their items on the counter.  Fine. Whatever.  I’ll just help them move their items later.

Well, the lady I’m currently helping has more than a few items, but wants to make two separate transactions. Again: Fine. Whatever.  It might be slightly annoying, but meh, I don’t really care all that much.  The couple came in partway through the second transaction.  Then, behind me, I hear the husband drop and f-bomb (does anyone still use that term?) while complaining that there’s only one cashier open.  Keep in mind, we’re in a toy store.  Even though we’re not busy, kids could still be around.  Also, there’s only two people in line.

So, the nice woman I’m helping (probably buying gifts for her grand-kids) feels bad, but I tell her it’s no big deal.  Though inside, I want to slow way down.  Out of principle.  Of course, the another part of me want to turn around and tell this guy off.

I mean, seriously, you can’t wait five to ten minutes in line?  Really?  And you think complaining will help?  Complaining and swearing?  To be honest, I’d rather slow down and not help you…but that’s just me, I can’t abide rude people.

I mean, I’d understand if there were four or more people in line; but there weren’t.

Do you realize that most of our time is spend standing in line?  Didn’t we learn in the first grade to stand patiently in line?  They must not teach that anymore, because that same day, I heard a young boy complain about standing in line and only having one cashier. he was also the second person in line (must be an issue with being number 2).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Service with a Grimace

  1. jackbingnews says:

    Nice use of ‘drop the f-bomb’. I work on the tills too sometimes and sometimes (often) do my best to make myself look busy so that customers will go through to the self-checkout. Then it’ll be their mistakes that slow them down, and not me!

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