The Problem With Language

Have you ever tried to make your own language?  Just me, huh? (Yep.)  It seems be be fairly common among fantasy writers, though.  Tolkien‘s Elvish, Jordan‘s Old Tongue, Roddenberry’s Klingon [Klingonese?], Paolini’s Ancient, (your secret code where you inserted a consonant at every syllable [uncrackable (unpronounceable)]) etc.

But why go through all the hassle?  Why not just use an already established language?

Sure, it might be easy to create new words, but then you really get to thinking about it (you do?) and you wonder if their should be proper word order: subject-verb-object, subject-object-verb, object-verb-subject (mirror world?).  Then you begin to worry about declensions of nouns and conjugations of verbs (what?).  Finally, you just scrap the whole idea.

But, you still want your story to sound authentic, like it has one, common, ancient language.  Why else would everyone speak the same language in the current story, right?  So, perhaps you decide to just integrate a few of today’s more popular languages into an ancient language: English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Russian, Indian, Arabic…but that soon gets complicated.  Why not narrow it down to ancient languages: Old English, Old Norse, Latin, Aramaic, and Ancient Greece? (Because it’s still too complicated?)

The easiest course, is to just simplify English.  After all, there has to be some redundancies.  And that gets you thinking, why not create an off-the-wall looking language, that sounds the same as English?

For example, if you take the gh from laugh, the o from women, and the ti from action, it still sounds like fish, but is spelled ghoti [thanks Mr. Rossi, aka, the Maestro, my Latin teacher].  Weird, right (if you ever think, “I’m too nerdy for my own good” stop by and read this entry)?

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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3 Responses to The Problem With Language

  1. lexsborgia says:

    Don’t think your new language will get many takers mate. It’s a load of gibberish. Let’s just make Klingon accessable to all. Howz that?

  2. Leeta Dore says:

    I find it amusing that right before you start talking about word order, declensions and conjugations you use the wrong “their”.

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