Carless in Detroit

Okay, so I technically don’t live in the city of Detroit, but I am carless…momentarily.  And let me just say, it’s super weird.  Well, the last 30 minutes or so have been super weird.

Sitting at home, by myself, with no where to go (how’s that different?).  Even if I wanted to go somewhere.  No ride–fortunately, I have a few days off work–no way to get the last book in The Wheel of Time Series (yes, it comes out today; yes, I had to mention it [A Memory of Light]), and no plans.  At least the TV works.  And the furnace.

So, you’re probably wondering (if you’ve read this far) why I don’t have a car.  Well, it’s simple.  People can’t drive.  Don’t believe me (by now you should, I’ve given plenty of evidence in the past)?  My car was hit in a parking lot.  When I wasn’t in it.  And it was in a proper parking space.

Holiday drivers.

Car damaged.  No note.  (I could’ve died?)

Fun times.

Then, the furnace dies.  On Christmas Eve.  But, it’s working now…mostly.  Just waiting for the installation to be complete (soon).  At least we’re not using the fireplace and space heaters (that wasn’t a fun week…even if you like camping in winter).

But things are beginning to look up.  At least I’ll have time to write while I’m a prisoner in my own home…(but, I probably will get distracted by the TV or video games or the internet…)


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Carless in Detroit

  1. bkreuch says:

    Of course work would call me in today, too…well, that’s hours I’ll miss. Eh, someone else needs them, too.

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