Out of Stock, Sorry

It’s amazing to me how many people get upset when I tell them the item they are looking for is out of stock.  Don’t they realize that Christmas was a week ago?  We can’t replenish our stock that fast.  We even had people coming in the 26th hoping to buy the latest, hottest toy/video game.

The other day, a lady hung up on me.  She wanted to return her Skylanders Starter Pack because the game disc was corrupted.  I told her we didn’t have any.  So, I looked to see which local stores had it, and I told her (though, I did mention that our inventory counts may not be completely 100% accurate at the moment [thieves]).  Well, she asked if the game was sold separate, I told her no; but there is also a Portal Owners Pack.  She wondered if she could exchange her Starter Pack for the Portal Owners Pack.  I told her it wouldn’t be a problem…except we didn’t have any in stock.

I guess that was the wrong answer.

But, it’s not like I can make FedEx or UPS deliver things that aren’t in their packages (though sometimes the manifests are wrong [through no fault of the delivery men]) or make our Distribution Center suddenly have items.  After Christmas, we only get one truck a week, not three or four like during the holiday season.

Um, maybe you should begin your Christmas (and after Christmas) shopping in October, like everyone else…


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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