Pass on the Left

Is it so hard to follow the rules of the road?  Perhaps we just don’t know them anymore (much like the rules of grammar).  After all, in our haste to get to wherever it is we’re going, we often are only focused on ourselves (is that bad?).

The correct way to pass someone–while driving (and walking…?)–is on the left.  But, people zip past me on the freeway on the right all the time.  Even with a lane open on the left.

I’m not complaining about those who maintain their lane and pass me on the right.  Or even the fact that people pass me while I’m driving the speed limit (hey, I’m not in a hurry to get to work).  I accept that people will speed and that sometimes lanes move faster than each other.  I get that.

What boggles my mind is people who prefer to pass on the right.  I suppose it’s an indictment of American driving or driver’s ed, or something.  Or perhaps road rage just blinds people to their days with a driving instructor.  I’m no stranger to road rage, myself.  Anytime someone drives below the speed limit, I pass them.  Even when we’re not on the freeway.  But, I always do it on the left and when there’s a dashed line (not a double yellow).

I have heard tales of people passing on the right, on surface streets.  Now that’s a serious breach of training.  I suppose we should just be thankful we follow the rules.  There’s too much else to worry about (like other drivers) to focus on one simple rule, right?


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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