Missed Halloween Costume Ideas

As I sit here pondering whether to cut off the writer’s beard, determine how short to cut it, or what shape it should next take, I’ve become introspective.  Is it too late to wander the streets as a bearded character from classic literature, pop culture, or history? (Probably…unless you’re at comic-con.)

1. Gimli

2. Black Beard (though putting candles in my beard is a scary prospect)

3. Any wizard, i.e. Dumbledore, Gandalf

4. A generic pirate (one of my co-workers does want to braid it)

5. Tom Hanks in Castaway (I’d need longer hair, though…)

6. President Benjamin Harrison (coincidentally, we share a first name and I wrote a paper about him in elementary school)

7. Zombie Osama bin Laden (too soon?)

I suppose my only recourse is to keep it until Christmas and dress like Santa (I do work at a toy store).  Though, I’ll probably have to get nicer.

However, I could trim it down and go all Captain Jack Sparrow (at least I remembered to add the “Captain”)…


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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