A Sequel? Sign Me Up!

In case you haven’t heard, a new Boy Meets World sequel is currently in talks.  No word yet on if the original cast will reprise their roles, but come on, without the original cast, it’s just not a Boy Meets World sequel.  That would be like creating Episode VII and not using Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker or Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

I mean, seriously, what else do these actors have going on?

Clearly, the universe needs more Boy Meets World.  We have been seriously lacking Eric Matthews since the show ended (who else could inspire you to eat a whole slice of pizza in one mouthful?).

More importantly, though, is when will the show air.  I wait with breathless anticipation for the day when I can watch one of my favorite TV shows once again (still waiting on the box series set…).  Hopefully, it will be just as good as the original (though sequels never are [however, the return of the original cast would go a long way in dispelling that notion]).


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