I Think I Have A Sadistic Streak (or Is It Masochist?)

It’s not that I like to put cat’s in the microwave or anything.  I just think there’s got to be a reason why I remain at my job (a job I dislike).

Is it the pay (a paltry sum)?  The hours (only 20-30 a week…usually less)?  The discount (10% off toys)?  There’s got to be something keeping me here (the inability to find another job?)

Sure, it’s not the worst place to work (probably) and I enjoy my coworkers; but there are days I really don’t want to go into work (every day).  Perhaps I only go in to punish myself or because I like tormenting myself.

But, perhaps, it’s the  realization that as much as I dislike work, I might just dislike work in general.  I mean, look at my room: laundry scatters the floor, books lie strewn about, mail hides willy-nilly in a drawer.  Sure, there’s order in the chaos, but it’s still chaos…well, organized chaos.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to I Think I Have A Sadistic Streak (or Is It Masochist?)

  1. Make a plan and stick to it. Do a little each day. Clean your room, look for another job, Carl’s may be hiring, Do the laundry, little by little it will get better but you need to want to change – remember what the mind can conceive the body can achieve – the magic is in believing.

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