Skylanders Giants!!1!

Who’s excited for tomorrow?  The midnight release of, probably, the biggest game of the season: Skylanders Giants.  With eight new skylanders, eight new lightcore characters, and eight new giants, the new game’s bound to be most excellent.

But what I think every retailer is looking forward to is the opportunity to post videos of customers onto YouTube.

Who knows what sort of mayhem parents will endure (and dish out) in the quest to give their children that ultimate Christmas present?  Will there be hair pulling?  Name calling?  Fist fights?

The rarity of Skylanders is well-known, now.  It’s not like last year when Skylanders was new and no one knew how popular it would be.  Every kid’s been playing the game and leveling their characters to the max in hopes of being able to port them into the new game fully leveled.  The mere whisper of new characters is enough to put the children (and gamers in general) in a tizzy.

Only time will tell what lengths people will go to collect all the Skylanders (crazies…).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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