Chicago Style Wedding

I was in Chicago this past weekend for two friends from college.  It was a great time.  I even got a chance to spend some time with my cousins who also live in the Windy City.

However, I learned I’m not an expert packer.  I forgot a few, um, important things.  Don’t worry, I remembered my toothbrush and toothpaste, surprisingly.  And even clean underwear.  But, I did forget my cell phone charger and the card for the bride and the groom (like a moron).  And, since they day before I left was nearly 77 degrees, I decided I wouldn’t need any long sleeved shirts, besides my dress shirts…poor choice (it’s aptly called the Windy City).  Fortunately, I brought a jacket [or I would’ve come home frozen (like a Chicago style pizza)].  Had I known it would be only 45 degrees (should’ve checked, I would have worn a heavier sports coat, instead of a suit…but I didn’t pack it; I only packed the suit.

Of course, at the wedding I think I regained the freshman fifteen that I’ve only recently managed to shed (6 years after graduating).  Fortunately, my beard will hide my double chin.  [Also, nice side-effect of the long beard: my neck–well, the front and part of the sides of my neck–was warm during the outdoor ceremony (should’ve brought an overcoat).]  There was so much food, I didn’t think I’d ever eat again.  Turns out that only lasted until lunch the next day.  During the reception, there were snacks and appetizers (those are called h’orderves [thanks Google]) because when you have an open bar, you need something to help soak up the alcohol (well, you don’t have to…).   During dinner, we had about seven courses: soup [which was awesome, and I’m not a fan of mushroom soup], salad, sorbet [as a palette cleanser? (I like having dessert midmeal, definitely a fan), the entree [there were four choices…three?  I almost signed up for a plus one just to get an extra entry (familiar readers will note, here, that Nastia Liukin did not respond to the request…familiar readers will also note the request was only send out on this blog)], then cake and ice cream.  After dinner, during the dancing, there was a pastry bar (probably to help keep the energy up on the dance floor).

Dancing is always fun at weddings.  To a point.  We all know how much white folk like to form circles and dance.  Why is that?  Because then we can watch as one person makes a spectacle of himself for everyone else’s amusement.  Trust me, my frat brothers were more than willing to oblige and filled that role proudly (drunkenly?).

Definitely an awesome time in Chicago.  But next time, I’m dressing warmer (it is autumn).  Avoiding the dance circle (not possible).  And hopefully not forgetting anything (now that’s seriously funny).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Chicago Style Wedding

  1. Traci says:

    I get tripped up with the weather issue, too. You’d think with technology at my fingertips, I’d take the time to press the weather button on my iPhone. It must be some form of fatal stubbornness.

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