Halloween, I Must’ve Missed It

Whatever happened to Halloween?  I mean, sure LEGO has new Monster themed sets ready to sell during Bricktober, but what about the rest of the world?  There are hardly any Halloween toys and decorations at the store.  Really, all we have is candy (isn’t that all Halloween is about?).

Sure, we put out our Halloween stuff last week, but yesterday, I set out the beginnings of our Christmas section.  That’s right folks, Christmas!  I hope you’ve started shopping early, because if my store is any indication, all the good toys will be long gone by November (shopping in December is so last millennium).

At least they haven’t started playing Christmas music yet (wait until November…), but why aren’t there any Halloween songs?  Or maybe a Halloween soundtrack?  I’m just saying, let’s treat all holidays the same (does working on every holiday count?).

Oh wait! I forgot (technically, not, since the post is still being written), we also have kids’ costumes.  You know the kinds.  Toy Story, Power Rangers, Super Heroes, cute witches, cuddly pumpkins, that sort of thing.

…I’m beginning to think I need to work at a Halloween store (so you only have to work one month a year?).  I think I spend more money in October on decorations I only use for one week than I do in December on Christmas gifts (sorry, Mom, you’re getting used socks…again [they make great armprons (you’re the only one who’s ever seen that episode of Yes, Dear.).].).

Well, October, you’ve barely started and you’re end of the month holiday is already losing ground (don’t even get started on Thanksgiving…leave that rant for next month, please).  Too bad.  It’s the one time of the year I can dress like my favorite superhero and not get laughed at.  At least I’ll be a popular dad when I drop my kid off in the batmobile.  Note: find a way to own a batmobile, then find a way to have a kid (might want to reverse those; unless you don’t think a batmobile will scare away the ladies).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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