A Typical Guy

There are a few things everyone should know about typical guys.  Most of these things we inherently know, but don’t like to admit that we know or would like to forget.

Typical guys don’t like to wash the dishes.
Typical guys usually try and date way out of their league.
Typical guys don’t understand why women spend so much time getting ready to go out (but like when they can show off their beautiful women to their friends).
Typical guys don’t understand why women travel in packs everywhere.
Typical guys wish they could understand women (there needs to be a secret decoder ring).
Typical guys wish they had bigger muscles (is that a euphemism?).
Typical guys watch sports.
Typical guys only tolerate talking during commercial breaks.
Typical guys like cars…especially fast ones.
Typical guys pretend to know a lot about cars.
Typical guys think steak and potatoes is a well-balanced meal (it’s not?).
Typical guys are becoming more nerdy.
Typical guys would forgo (interesting word choice…is that from a word-a-day calendar?) shaving if they could get away with it.
Typical guys like the feeling of being clean shaven (wait, what? [we’re like ogres] you mean onions?).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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