Zen Rollerblading

Does anyone use inline skates anymore?  Does anyone skate anymore (no…it’s more of a summer thing).

I only ask because I dusted off my rollerblades, are they still called that (only if you’re stuck in the 90s), and attempted not to kill myself.  Obviously successful since I’m writing this post (are you at least bruised?).  And boy are my buns sore.  I think that means I’m doing it wrong.  Skating is supposed to be fun, not exercise.

However, I did manage to break a buckle…as I was unfastening my skates (not when you fell?).  But, since I’ve had this pair forever (probably since the 90s when they were last used), it’s not a big loss…also, they aren’t the top of the line model either (you don’t need to use also and either, it’s redundant).

But, since I’m too lazy to see if anyone still sells inline skates in my size (just shop at the kids’ department at the toy store), I tried to fix them.  The old fashioned way (with spit and a prayer?).  With duct tape.

We’ll see how it works…

UPDATE: Turns out, not well.  Just over halfway through my adventure in rollerblading, part two, I noticed the strap had broken loose from it’s duct tape moorings.  I guess duct tape doesn’t fix everything (or, it was used incorrectly/inexpertly).


But, it did demonstrate that the skates are still serviceable until I can find a new pair (good luck), so there’s still plenty of opportunity for me to fall (excellent).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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