Olympics Here I Come (Probably Not)

Well, I’ve just began my Olympic training.  I went to an open shoot at the local archery club.  I shot one set and did fairly well.  At about 5 yards, I put two arrows right on top of each other on the bulls eye.   I think I’m ready for the Olympics now (um, they shoot at 70 meters).

I didn’t want to overdo it or make the other archers jealous of my skills (there was only one other shooter).  So I took my self home to nurse my wounds celebrate my success (who knew the string hitting your arm could make such a welt?).

Sign me up for training at Chula Vista, CA.  I’m ready to rock out.  Look out Rio, here I come (too bad the world’s going to end in December [guess no one will know if I don’t reach the goal]).

Not much left for me to do now.  I seem to be at my peak in archery.  I suppose I’ll need to try a different sport while I wait for my application to be processed by USA Archery.  Anyone know a good place to learn how to fence?


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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