Olympic Depression

I know I’m not the only one feeling it.  NBC feels it, too.  They’re airing replays of Olympic coverage this morning…and all week (I promise, I don’t work for them).

As the athletes return home, they’ll book interviews on late night talk shows, morning shows, local radio shows, and other appearances to make the most of their time in London (hey, they need to finance a bid to Rio).  But, all too soon, we’ll be left without any trace of Olympics in our lives.

Sure, you might have lived a healthy lifestyle these past seventeen days, maybe even started working out again.  But now that it’s over, there’s no motivation to continue.  You might even have dreams of competing in the next Olympics.  I know after Beijing, I told myself I’d make it to London (not just to meet Nastia Liukin), but I remained firmly fixed on my couch.

It’s just too daunting a task to start from nothing a reach the peak of athletic achievement. Or, it’s just that I fell into despair that I had to wait for more years to watch the Summer Olympics.

The tug of weariness, fatigue, and a sense of purposelessness is hard to ignore.  After spending weeks cheering on Team USA and watching athletes compete in a variety of events, life seems to be missing something without them.  The colors, the fanfare, the pageantry…you even find yourself wishing to see dressage once more, even rhythmic gymnastics (okay, maybe that’s a stretch).  But there’s no denying, the Olympics bring something into our lives, some sort of magic only captured every two years.

I suppose we’ll just have to bide our time and find a way to hold on until Sochi in 2014.  Rio and 2016 loom far away (especially if December is our last month [guess that means I missed my chance to be an Olympian] too old, now, anyway).

As the Games fade into distant memory and our lives revert to normal, we’ll begin to forget the lessons we learned from Beijing London, but there are certain things we will never forget.  Medals snatched out of the jaws of  defeat, unexpected wins, the triumph of the human spirit.  Try and hold onto those as you face the daunting task of living in a world without Olympics.  Don’t fall into Olympic depression, then they win (who’re they?).  Don’t be like me; I can feel the sadness taking over…


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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