The Final Day Is Finally Here

Tired of the Olympics yet? Me neither.

We’ve seen champions miss, longshots hit, and athletes become memes.  But what will we see from the Closing Ceremony?

I’m sure by now you are looking forward to it.  Much like in 2008 at Beijing, when I was looking for crouching tigers and hidden dragons, I’m sure there will be plenty to look for tonight.

Rumors of The Who and The Spice Girls are abundant.  But what else will we see?

1. The Queen, again?  Perhaps escorted by James Bond…
2. Still looking for steampunk
3. I’d like to see a dragon or two
4. I’m waiting for another performance by Paul McCartney
5. Will we see Jackie Chan again?  (He was a hit in 2008)
6. Representations of the events that Great Britain won gold medals.

One thing’s for certain, however.  We are bound to see more of the classic British humor and the spirit that has driven these Games.

And, the best part, the mingling of the athletes (which, according to Hope Solo, happens a lot more frequently than just the last night of the Olympic Games).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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