The Home Stretch

It’s been nice to be able to have time off to watch the Olympics.  Work was nice enough to given me most of this week off (can’t really complain).  I guess my boss just knows how much I enjoy the Olympics (or how much I hate work [um, I hope he doesn’t read this]).

It’s been a great Olympics thus far, I mean, we’ve seen phenomenal feats of strength, speed, endurance, and courage.  There are only two days left, but still plenty to watch and cheer for.

We get to watch Usain Bolt bolt down the track once more and prove that he’s the fastest man alive, this time as part of a team in the 4×100 relay.  I mean, six gold medals in two Olympics?  That’s incredible.

You just have to take your hat off to these awesome athletes.  Just making the Olympics is an accomplishment.  Few ever get that far.  It’s an honor to represent your country and winning a medal (though the ultimate goal) must, sometimes, feel like icing on the cake.  Just make sure you remember which country you represent 😉 (hey, I get it; it’s an emotional moment, there’s a feeling of accomplishment and you want to share it with everyone).

As I’ve said before (I think), the Olympics unite the world like nothing else can.  They show  the true indomitable nature of the human spirit, showcase phenomenal athletics, and display just how rabid fans can get.

So, whether you find yourself lusting after Lochte, uploading videos to YouTube asking one of the Fierce Five to prom, or just hoping to get an autograph, remember, these athletes are just people.  They like the attention.  Their sponsors like the attention.  But, they are not objects.  NBC learned that too late.

Overall, this Olympics has been a success (especially in the medal count for the Americans).  London is a great city with tons of history and this (the first country to host the Games three times) just adds to it.  Congratulations to all the athletes who represented their countries, the host city, and the fans.  It’s nice to be able to put cynicism aside (even if it is for just two weeks) and realize that the world community can be a nice place.


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