Are All Olympians Incredible Athletes?

Sure, the soccer players and the swimmers are in incredible shape.  But there are some competitions that you just don’t think are that difficult, trampoline comes to mind.

I find myself thinking, I could do that as I watch archery or trap shooting, prone shooting or pistol shooting.  But the real question is, what kind of shape are these athletes in?

The sprinters are in excellent shape, but are the distance runners in better shape?  I mean,  on the one hand, the sprinters are ripped, on the other the distance runners can run all day…  Don’t even get me started on the water polo teams.  They’re in the water for four quarters and are not just treading water, but fighting underwater.  And the synchronized swimmers?  I never thought it was a sport, then I watched it…they’re underwater a long time (occasionally) and are moving swiftly.  Don’t even get me started on the gymnasts.  Even the divers are in great shape.

Just once, I’d like to see an out-of-shape competitor…well, maybe not.  I mean, would they even stand a chance?

There’s got to be some sort of drive that pushes these athletes to reach the peak of their sport and the peak of fitness (um, the gold medal?).  I mean, you don’t see me working out or running.  But, if there was a channel surfing event or a couch sitting competition, I’d be all over it.

Too bad Ryan Lochte’s commercial counters my plan to make the Olympics: rely on luck, dreams, and wishes.  Thanks a lot, Lochte, not only are you stealing women from us mortal men, you’re also crushing our spirits.

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  1. Hey, round is a shape.

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