Becoming an Olympian

I think at some point, everyone says, “I want to be an Olympian”.  But how does one do it (hard work, extra work, and more work)?

I think I’ve finally found the solution.  Use only Olympic sponsor products.

That can’t be too hard.  I mean, everyone already uses Duracell batteries.  But, what about food?  Well, there’s Kellogg’s (which I should already be eating since it’s made in Michigan) and Chobani’s yogurt.  But, if you don’t like breakfast…um, hope you like McDonalds.  We’ve got two car companies to choose from: Chevrolet and BMW (how can a German car company sponsor Team USA?).  We’ve got plenty of technology to choose from, too.  And, P&G makes just about everything (you’d think, with this post, I’d be sponsored [never hurts to fish for sponsors, you need them to advance your athletic career] you also need to be good at sports [details]).

But, with all the sponsors out there, and most of them major leading brands, how is it that every brand isn’t an Olympic sponsor?  Is it money?  Did the Coca-Cola company request that the Pepsi company be denied?  Did Nike exclude Reebok (for some reason, I think Adidas is a sponsor)?  Perhaps those brands are just not sports fans or perhaps sponsor other events.  But, what could be better than being an Olympic partner?  Sponsoring the Superbowl?  Or, perhaps they support more patriotic endeavors (um, the armed forces don’t have sponsors [oh]).

Well, I think, I should be fine, though.  There are plenty of sponsors to help to get the right equipment and fuel to meet my training goals and achieve my Olympic dream…

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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