Only the Medal Count Counts

After last night, China was leading the USA in total medals, unfortunately (only by one).  But, at least Team USA had one positive note: the US had more bronze medals than China.

As much as I want to have the most total medals–to prove that in 2008, that China only won because they were the host country (the host country typically wins 50% more medals)–I want to see America have the most medals in every category.  That’s right.  Individually, I want to see Team USA lead in the medal count.  We should be tops in gold, silver, and bronze, not just in total count.

Not that I am greedy.  I just think that we’re good enough to do it.  I’d just like us reach our potential…and beat those commies (can you say that? [technically, I wrote it]).

Look, we’re a superpower.  Might as well be a powerhouse in the medal count and prove how much we love sports, the Olympics, and our athletes (something NBC is finding out).

Okay, so it may be a little greedy to want to be tops in every total, but come on, it’s just the spirit of competition coming out during the most competitive two weeks in four years (actually, two).  So, let’s ramp it up, win every category and keep dominating the Olympics.

We’re on guard for you, too, Canada.  Don’t think we haven’t forgotten.  Sochi 2014, you’d better bring you A-game, eh.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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