Olympic Fan or Stalker?

There’s a fine line between fan and stalker.  Sometimes, I think the media is to blame.  After all, we make our sports heroes into celebrities and our celebrities into cult followings. I mean, sure, it’s nice to know when an Olympian or former-Olympian gets engaged, but do we really need to know about Ryan Lochte’s love life (does it make it better if it’s his mom spilling the details…worse, definitely worse)?

I mean, sure, we all fantasize about meeting Olympians and getting autographs.  I’m sure most of us have even dreamed about marrying one (speak for yourself).  But, when you start to plan meeting them…and bringing duct tape (that’s actually scary…and really creepy)…you’ve crossed a line.

So, go ahead and read every article about your favorite athletes, watch every interview and competition, buy tickets to see them perform live; but try to maintain a little perspective (unlike the media)…leave the guns at home.

I know I get excited when athletes are from my home state, or training in my home state, and I want to know where they are in relation to where I am (um…?); but that’s not weird right (my mom always told me to agree with a crazy man)?

The Olympics bring out the best in athletes (and, thanks to Twitter, the worst).  Let’s use them as role models and let the Olympics bring out the best in us (and be more cautious about our tweets)…not the best gifts to give an athlete while attempting to convince him/her to marry you.

Cheer on Team USA (or your national team) to gold.  Do it with class.  Do it with grace.  Do it with poise.  Do it…without being morbid or creepifying.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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