Olympics Fever

I’m pretty sure during the two weeks of the Olympics people dream about what it might be like to be an Olympian…well, at least I do.  And, they refocus on a healthy lifestyle; I mean, I don’t even have any Oreos in my house at the moment (seriously?).

It’s great watching the amazing feats, cheering on Team USA (or your home country’s Olympians).  But, I think everyone takes a moment to consider what sport they’d like to attempt and become an Olympian.  Unfortunately, some sports need years of training and careers end at a young age (an age I am currently hovering near).

Some of us prefer to watch some sports over others.  Swimming, diving, and gymnastics get top spots, while kayaking, archery, rowing, boxing and weightlifting get relegated to MSNBC or CNBC.  But, as long as I can watch as many events as possible and see Team USA win the most medals, then it’s all worth it.

I won’t even complain about NBC’s coverage, because, if I’m really honest with myself, I understand why there are primetime events (they’re the most popular).  It’s not like the Beijing games could be viewed live (dang time difference).  That will almost always be a problem, until the USA host the games again (I wish we’d host them every two years).  And, I could avoid the spoilers if I wanted (thanks to Yahoo! for alerting us, unlike some other sites, I’m looking at you, MSN.com).

But, regardless of who you root for, whether you want to see Michael Phelps earn three more gold medals, McKayla Maroney win gold on the vault (how did she not get a perfect score last night?), or just want to watch as many events as possible, the Olympics are an exciting time for everyone.

Now, to just get myself to the Olympics…come on lucky Visa card. *fingers crossed*


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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