Hating Your Job is as American as Apple Pie and Baseball

I recently read a survey that said nearly 50%–or was it 75%?–of Americans hate their job.  Either way, that’s a high number.  But, it makes sense.  Clearly Americans only work minimum wage jobs as a stepping stone to something better; but when you cannot get something better, you get stuck in a rut.  Perhaps you just needed a job to pay the bills and took the first thing that became available.

But, if we factor in the percentage of unemployed, people who have stopped looking for a job, and the retired, I bet we’d get roughly 30% of Americans.  Therefore nearly every American who has a job, hates it.

So, I suppose you’re wondering who likes their jobs.  Well, by my guess, it’s roughly 1%.

So, I suppose most of America is the other 99%.  Well, minus retirees.  Who doesn’t like playing golf all day, watching TV, napping, and playing video games?  And those who’ve given up on the job search are probably doing the same…and living with the retirees (lucky).

Okay, so the rest of America is like the other 75%.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Hating Your Job is as American as Apple Pie and Baseball

  1. Nothing wrong with napping on the golf course. I’m just saying!

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