Seriously, America needs to learn how to drive.  I think we all need to go back to driver’s ed.

Of course, the problem may be that the majority of drivers (10%) are 70 or older.

I’d blame teenagers, but apparently more and more are waiting until they’re 18 to get their licenses.  Of course, that could mean that they are skipping driver’s ed completely (and that would be a large part of the problem).  How can you learn to drive without learning how to drive.  You wouldn’t know the rules of the road (though, you’d probably just break them anyway).  It’s not like driving is an innate ability like walking or playing video games. It takes practice to be a good driver (and even then, if you practice incorrectly, you just get worse).

I know it’d be a hassle, but sometimes I think there should be stricter tests to renew your license.  That way we can make sure that more people driving are safer.  That, or we create better/more convenient mass transit systems.


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2 Responses to Drivers…ugh

  1. Just the other day, I was discussing this topic with someone. I agree. As much as I would hate to go through more testing, they really do need to make the MVC test more strict. Sure, parallel parking for the first time is nerve-racking, but how on earth can they measure our driving skills by doing that, or doing a k-turn or driving in reverse? Everyone should be tested on an actual road. Accidents would still happen (because teenagers think they’re invincible and old people, well…) but it would definitely help!

  2. CaptKitty says:

    The most irritating part is during an accident. When drivers slow down on the opposit side of the highway to stop and stare at the accident. Then you also have the drunk drivers, drivers who are high, elderly women who can’t see past the steering wheel, teen drivers that just received a brand new sports car for their birthdays, etc. And NYC Taxi drivers. I’m thinking of going back to rollerblades.

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