Rewards Cards are like Opinions

I don’t know how many stores offer rewards cards these days (all of them); but each is as different as the store that gives them.  Some give points toward coupons, some give immediate discounts, some make it easier to track your purchases and return items, some are your ticket into member only shopping… But all suffer from the same problem.

If I don’t have my card with me, it’s hard to use it.

Most stores allow you to attach a phone number to look up the card; but often that doesn’t seem to work.  Why is that?

Maybe I didn’t give out my phone number.  Maybe I forgot which number I gave (these days people seem to have at least three).  Maybe I need to register the card online, but no one told me that.  Or, maybe the look-up service is offline.

Still, rewards cards are only convenient if you carry them with you.  So, don’t lose them (unless you’ve got that smartphone app that stores them for you…then just hope the store’s scanners can scan it).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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