I’m a Manic-Depressive Writer

I’ll spend two hours writing a script for a comic book, two days writing thirty pages in a novel, five minutes writing a blog post; and then nothing.

What happened?  Where’d all my creative juices go?

It could be I was excited that I sent out a new query letter then go a rejection.  I could have been on a great pace then hit writer’s block.  I could have been blogging about how works sucks and then have a great day (probably because I didn’t deal with any customers).  There are a myriad of possibilities (but probably I’m just lazy).

Hey, when Assassin’s Creed 3 comes out and the whole United States of America shuts done for a week, you’ll see I’m not the only one…or, maybe you won’t since you’ll be obsessively playing the newest assassin in North America during the Revolutionary War.

Mostly, I just write on days I feel like writing, or when I’m tired of playing video games, or called in sick from work (I mean…uh, hopefully, my boss doesn’t read this [good thing I don’t have a huge following]).  But the list of things that cause me to write often seems much shorter than the list of distractions.

Unfortunate that I need to make time to write or find time to write when I love it so much.  Imagine how much I would write if I hated it (well, I work roughly 30 hours a week, so…30+ hours?).

Does anyone else get into writing modes where they can just hammer out page after page non-stop…and then just stop?  Or am I the only one?  Maybe I should see a witch doctor (head-shrinker [you know it’s not a good joke when you need to explain it {shut it}]).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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5 Responses to I’m a Manic-Depressive Writer

  1. W. R. Woolf says:

    I know just how you feel… I’ve had weekends where I wrote thousands of words a day, but today I’ve written about six sentences on three different ideas… It just won’t come…

  2. Andrew says:

    What’s the comic book about?

    • bkreuch says:

      Well…um, briefly, the son of two immortals.

      Since the beginning of time, immortals have fought against each other, fathers against sons and sons against fathers; from Cronus and Uranus, to Zeus and Cronus, it was even one of the reasons for the Battle of Troy (Zeus wanted to kill off many of his children before they could rebel). Now, a new immortal is in power, Troy, and the immortals blend into mortal society, no longer living as gods. Because he feared the prophesy, Troy decreed that no immortal would have children with another immortal. He even killed the children from those unions.
      But, two immortals hid their child, Avery, with a mortal and their son was raised thinking his parents were dead. Avery is now 18 and enjoying his summer before college…until he receives a letter from his father. He gains new abilities: heightened reactions time, increased strength, speed, and durability (but only just above peak human levels), and increased thought processing speed so he can outwit his opponents and plan a step ahead of them; which helps keep him alive when Troy’s agents are chasing him and trying to kill him.

      It’s a bit of a dark comic, like Punisher–at least in the beginning–has a similar detective style hero like Batman, and mixes in mythology like Wonder Woman. But, it’ll (of course) have elements of humor rolled in…how could it not when I’m writing it?

      • Andrew says:

        Dude, honestly I expected a sentence or a tag line. But this was extensive. That could’ve gone either way, and I got to say I’m glad you did. This sounds bad ass. If you could make an awesome milk shake (actually this is probably more of a protein shake because of all the violence), then this would have all the key ingredients. How far along are you on the process? Have an artist/concept sketches? You going to make a graphic novel or pitch a series to a publisher? You got to keep me posted. I’m also working on some comic projects and it’s always great to kick around ideas with other people in a similar boat.

      • bkreuch says:

        Glad you like it.

        I’ll probably pitch a series…but, it’s still in its early development stages. I’ve just started talking to an artist I know, so hopefully that works out; but mostly I’ve just been bouncing ideas off my fellow co-writer (what can I say, I’m too lazy to write 1 issue a month).

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