Wanna Double Park?

Is it ever okay to park in two spaces?

I’ve seen some people park across two spaces.  They probably just want to show off their car.

I’ve seen some people park along the line between two spaces.  They probably just want to keep their car safe.

But, is it okay?  I mean, if you want to show off your car, buy a showroom.  If you want to keep your car safe, park as far away as possible (or don’t drive it).  It just irks me, sometimes.  I mean, I suppose part of me understands (a very small part) because there’s nothing I hate more (except maybe my job) than walking back to my car and discovering a new dent or ding.  Of course, I don’t think anyone likes that.  That’s why I don’t park close to stores.  Too many errant cars, hurried drivers who park too close, and people who aren’t watching where they’re walking.

The real criminals, however, are those who park across four spaces.  You’ve seen them, their car sitting in the T between four spaces.  It’s a busy Saturday and you just want to park your car so you can drop your kids off at the toy store for a few hours of peace and quiet at home (seriously, we’re not a babysitting service).  Only to see this offender sitting in his car waiting for his wife/girlfriend/kids to exit whatever store they’re in…and they may not even be in the store closest to this parking lot!
But, I digress…

I think the only acceptable time  to park in two spaces is if you are towing a trailer or driving a bus (or driving an Aston Martin).  Otherwise, just take up the standard, single space.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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