Sunglasses Inside? Seriously?

I know that it’s summer.  I get it.  The sun’s bright.  I spend most of my time indoors playing video games, so I understand the disparity between outside light and inside (I even wear my sunglasses during the winter).

But I don’t understand people who wear their sunglasses indoors.  It’s just odd.  Okay, maybe you just stepped into the store.  That’s fine, it takes a moment before you take off your glasses; but I promise I won’t think it rude if you take them off while asking me where a toy is…or better yet, you could take them off as you walk away from me (nobody likes looking me in the eye?).

I mean, I know the sun never sets on a badass, that’s why people wear sunglasses at night, but I didn’t know the sun never sets on a shopper.  If you go inside, take off your sunglasses.  Otherwise, I’m just going to think you’re either drunk or high (wouldn’t be the first time one of those walked into the store).  Plus, you just look ridiculous.  Our store isn’t that bright.  No store is that bright.

Just take off your sunglasses and save us all a little hassle, embarrassment, and awkwardness.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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