Why J-Walk When You Can J-Run?

Jay-walking is an interesting phenomenon (and, most likely, the next dance craze).  I mean, I’ve seen people j-walk a few feet from the crosswalk or half-a-mile from the nearest one.    We all know it’s dangerous, so why do it? (Convenience?)

The other day, as I was driving through construction (okay, my brother was chauffeuring me around) and was going predictably slow, a man walked out between the cones.  He didn’t appear to be looking or stopping as I continued to approach.

At this point, I’m thinking, “Does he not see me?” (Not probable since I was leading a long line of cars.)  I’m also wondering, “Should I hit the brakes?”  Fortunately, the man stayed behind the cones and it wasn’t a problem.

But this begs the question, what if I had sneezed?  I mean, I would’ve been temporarily blind.  And, possibly even placing more pressure on the accelerator.  I could have easily hit this guy if he had not stopped.  This of course made me wonder if a judge would actually buy that excuse (not likely).  How rare are allergies these days?  I could probably find a sympathetic judge, right?

So, the next time you’re considering jay walking, here’s a tip: make sure there are no cars coming and then sprint across the road as fast as possible (the more you know).

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Why J-Walk When You Can J-Run?

  1. I like to J-AtTheFastestSpeedTheSituationCallsForWithoutExertingMyself.

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