Mother’s Day, Earlier is Better…When Shopping

Whoa, it’s been a while, blogger nation.  Sorry, I’ve been trying to determine what to get my mother for Mother’s Day.

It’s the ultimate dilemma.  Hallmark doesn’t make a card that says, “Thanks for suffering through 17 hours of labor just to see my squished, squirming face”; but they should.  It’d be their highest selling card.  The problem, of course is what picture to pick to go with the caption?  Well, a mewling babe might fit…or you could always go with a Lolz Cat, I hear they’re pretty popular (I tend to stay away from anything popular, though).

So, I’ve spent my time researching cards (i.e. perusing Hallmark’s website [i.e. staring at my computer until my eyes burn out]) and have unsuccessfully chosen nothing.  And, therefore, I have yet to find mom a suitable gift.  After all, doesn’t everyone wait to buy the gift until after buying the card (no? oh.).

Ergo (whoa, fancy word), I’ll probably just buy a card a Kroger while picking out whatever flower arrangement they have left over tomorrow morning while I’m on my way to visit mom for the obligatory Mother’s Day celebration.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Gone are the days of my youth when I could get away with making breakfast in bed (also known as waking up early, watching Dad cook while I struggled to keep my eyes open then carefully carrying the heavy tray upstairs).  These days, I’m only really good at cooking macaroni and cheese or ramen.  So, unless Mom wants Pop-Tarts and cereal, that plan’s out.  Unfortunate.


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One Response to Mother’s Day, Earlier is Better…When Shopping

  1. Andrew says:

    Make her a pop tart necklace, then say it’s all the way from Milan or Paris. That means it’s fancy, and she’ll love it.

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