Fans Need Manners, Too

Mrs. Manners (not the real Mrs. Manners, of course) writes,

I understand the value of a good boo.  You boo a player on another team you respect.  You boo a dirty player.  You boo a cheap shot.  You boo a bad call.  You boo a score for the opposing team.  You boo the other teams players as they’re announced.

But, you don’t boo your own team’s players (I mean, neither the Penguins fans boo Crosby nor the Heat fans boo LeBron).

Okay, I may make the concession that you boo a strike out or an error; but to boo a player every time he steps onto the field of play or is announced at the arena?  I think that says more about the fans and reflects poorly on the city they represent.

Sure, a player can get into a slump.  It happens.  A player may outlive his usefulness.  But, as long as he’s on your team, shouldn’t you want him to improve, play better, or do well?  I’ll never understand a fan saying, “I’d rather see Player X strike out than get the game winning hit”.  Seriously?  Are you even a fan?  Shouldn’t you want your team to succeed…with the players it has?

Obviously there will always be players you want to see your team pick-up or trade; but, while they’re on your team, they’re on your team.  If you’re booing a player on your team louder than you boo the ump for a bad call, something’s wrong.

So, what who do you root against, once the player you consistently boo is gone?  And, if one of your players goes on a drunken, antisemitic rant and you don’t boo him just as loud (or louder) as Player X, maybe you should take a good long look at yourself in the mirror.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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