Loud and Vocal

Ever notice that it’s the loud and vocal–whether the minority or the majority–that get their views heard and changes/concessions made?

Now that I’m a year older…though I’m not telling how old–I don’t age, I just maintain (Well, we can safely assume by how you act that you’re at least 7)–I’ve noticed a few things.  Patience may be a virtue, but shouting really loudly has its benefits, too.  After all, look at the soccer fans in Italy: They very nearly got the Genoa players to turn in their uniforms.  And there were only about 100 of them.  The disgruntled Mass Effect 3 fans are another example.  Since when does a game developer release free DLC (though some will argue that the DLC was planned as free…as a result of a Bioware and EA feud)?  The whole point of Downloadable Content is to make players pay more for a game they already have (and have beaten multiple times).

I swear people didn’t get to vent their frustrations out as two year-old children, so they throw tantrums now.  It’s just silly to watch a grown man get upset because he’s not getting his way…then the cops get involved, I have to fill out paper work…it’s tedious.

One thing speaks louder than shouting: money.  We all know that.  Look at how the 1% keeps taxes low: it’s by speaking with their checkbooks.  We should all take a page from their playbook (I’d rather take a page from their checkbook).  If we really want to show someone that we care for them, what do we do?  We buy them things.  If we want to show someone we disapprove of something they did, we take something away.

The same rules that relegated our young lives can still apply to our adult(-ish) lives.  Or at least, they should.  The best way to get a policy changed is to shout at it…wait, I mean spend money to get it changed.  Or, don’t spend money and see if it changes.

Moral of the story: don’t cuss out toy store employees for not being in the bike department on a busy weekend when your kid falls off a bike.  We’re not paid to be the kid’s dad.  If I wanted to father your child, I’d have slept with your wife.  (If I mention it’s my birthday, will you be nicer?)


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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