Gifts Given Regret

Continuing with the birthday theme–I know you’re probably thinking, “Why didn’t you discuss this in the week leading up to your birthday?”  Well, as I said, I forget; so, I suppose that makes me the penultimate guy (I’d be the ultimate guy if I looked like Brad Pitt instead of Zach Galifianakis)–I thought I’d discuss the concept of presents.

Specifically, requests.

I’ve never been good when it comes to creating a list.  Either it’s too long or it’s empty.  Over the years, I’ve endeavored to keep my list simple so that I don’t have too many disappointments.  After all, Everyone wants to get you something, but there is realtively little that I need (or think I need).

Being near Earth Day, you’d think my list would contain environmentally friendly products.  False.   Not that I’m not environmentally conscious (I drive a subcompact, after all), I just don’t put those things on my presents’ list.  NO, my list usually ranges from Iron Man on Blu-Ray to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy box set on Blu-ray or the Smallville complete series set on Blu-ray (Blu must be my favorite color).  That way, there are a few less expensive items along with more expensive ones, in case people want to splurge or go in together on a gift.

But, if I was really honest with my list and created one not out of need, but out of want (isn’t that the point of birthday lists?)  I’d probably list a Ducati or an Aston Martin…or, you know, a lightsaber (not super powrs?).  Honestly, who doesn’t want a lightsaber?

The problem with not having a good idea for gifts for myself means that I’m actually a pretty terrible gift giver, too.  I usually resort to panic and despair as my go-to guides for gift giving.  Procrastination is also one of my companions on the quest for the “perfect gift”.  I usually end up giving money or something crazy from work, like LEGOs.  Of course, who doesn’t like money (or LEGO)?  I just don’t think LEGO has a wedding collection…


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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