During Your Birthday Weekend, Make Sure Your Phone is Charged

So, it’s my birthday weekend (hurray).  And, of course, after fielding all the well-wishers calls, my phone has died (okay, it died after one call ; but in my defense, it is the end of the week [let’s be honest, I blog to fill my need for social interaction]).

I just never know how to respond when my friends and family call, text, or message me asking if I have any big plans.  My go to response is, “Of course I do (not really)”.  I can’t exactly tell them, I’m sitting at home craddling a bottle of rum and window shopping on dating sites (that just sounds pathetic).

And, of course, I forgot to ask for work off…again.  It never fails, I always forget when my birthday is (hey, guys forget important dates all the time).  I just expect them to know.  Isn’t my information on file?  I should just be given that day off without having to ask for it.  At least it’s only a short shift at the toy store.

Oh, yeah, and to make my weekend even more special?  The Red Wings lost their series to the Predators.  The Tigers got stomped on by the Rangers.  Thankfully, they won game 3 of that series (thank you, Verlander)–game two of yesterday’s double header–but I’ll be at work and unable to watch game 4.

You could say that the Wings hit a hot goaltender or that the officials weren’t calling the games fair…and I’d agree.  But, when you take 60 shots a game and 50% are outside the faceoff circles or near the blue line, it makes it difficult…unless there’s a guy or two crashing the net.

And, Texas, sheesh, they look ready to repeat as World Champs.  You know, unless they run into a hot goalie.

At least, I have the last of my Easter candy to polish off and drown my sorrows in a sugar enduced cleaning frenzy.  Excuse me, there’s a Cadbury Cream Egg calling my name.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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