Playoff Officiating: Consistency

How can one hockey game have eight minutes of penalties total and another have eight minutes for one team by the end of the second period?  I know that some teams play cleaner than others.  I mean, the two least penalized teams in the NHL played each other last night while Pittsburg and Philadelphia squared off and the last time they faced each other, the game nearly ended in a bench-clearing brawl.  So, you’d expect them to have more penalties this time around.  The opposite occurred.

Perhaps it was because the commissioner was at the Red Wings/Predators game.  Perhaps the league is against the Wings.  Perhaps it’s because Pierre has a man crush on Crosby.  Whatever the reason, the referees called more ticky-tac penalties (players must’ve have bad breath) than I’ve seen in a while…of course, some of the penalties were penalties; but might’ve been ignored in the regular season.

I’d just like to see a bit of consistency in penalty calls between the regular season and the playoffs, team to team, game to game, and period to period.

I mean, when was the last time someone was given a diving penalty?  It just seems that players can get away with being more physical during the playoffs if their team play style leans toward the goon.
/rant (<–I use this to mean “end of rant”)

So, yes, the Red Wings did not look great last night and I think they could’ve played better, definitely.  I’d just like to see more hockey and fewer people in the box.

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