Ah, Tradition (and the Stanley Cup Playoffs)

April is such a crazy month (and not just the weather).  Today starts the Red Wings quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  So, I thought I’d mention my favorite traditions associated with winning the silver trophy.

1. Lifting the Cup over your head and skating around (might be dangerous considering the fatigue these guys must be suffering…though, I’m sure adrenaline helps).  Started by Ted Lindsay.
2. Drinking from the Cup (is that sanitary?).  Started by the Winnipeg Victorias (1896).  See also, Red Kelly (1964) and Kris Draper (2008)…
3. Showering with the Cup (a necessity after the parties).
4. Swimming with the Cup (more like diving after it, hoping you can reach it before it get stuck in the bottom…note: best to keep it in pools).
5. Playing football with the Cup (an oldie, but a goodie).  A member of the Ottawa Senators attempted to drop kicked it over the Rideau Canal (1905).
6. Getting your name etched onto the Cup (hey, I can see myself on it).
7. Shaving with the Cup (hey, I can see myself in it).
8. You can finally touch all the trophies you’ve won during the Playoffs (can I hang my pins on my letter jacket, too?).
9.  Sleeping with the Cup (doesn’t your wife get jealous?).
10. Losing the Cup.

There are so many good stories regarding the Cup, its adventures and misadventures, and the traditions that dictate how the players and fans of the great game of hockey view it; but, really, it’s just a hunk of sterling silver (blasphemy!).  Okay, it’s more than that, it’s hockey history.

Though, I will say, probably my favorite story is from last year when the keeper of the Cup had to hitchhike with it after his car broke down.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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