Why Baseball is America’s Pastime

We all know that America has a pastime, and we all know that it’s baseball; but why is it baseball?  Is baseball the most popular sport?  Is it the best to watch?  Odd thing about national sports, they don’t necessarily have to make sense (Canada’s national sport is lacrosse; who plays lacrosse?).  Here’s why I think baseball is America’s pastime.

1. It’s an old historic game.
2. Pitching duels are great.
3. High scoring games are great.
4. Commercial breaks seem shorter because their isn’t intermission or halftime.
5.  Hot dogs only taste good at the ball park (you actually want to spend money on them).
6. You can get in a quick nap and not miss much of the action.
7.  It heralds the beginning of summer (or summer break).
8. There’s a game on almost every day.
9. The season lasts from April ’til October.
10.  It’s easier to get a souvenir baseball than a souvenir football (hockey pucks are easier to get, too, but does anyone go to hockey games?).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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