Opening Day!

Today begins America’s past time.  Today is Opening Day at Comerica Park.  Today, we begin the long awaited season.  Baseball finally returns.

Yes, we had Spring Training games to watch, but they aren’t nearly the same as watching the regular season.  Baseball herald’s the coming of summer.

Opening Day is a tradition, a long standing tradition.  We skip school and work, shirk our responsibilities, and watch our teams compete and (hopefully) win.  Without that great tradition, today would just be another day, not a National Holiday.

So, grab your Big League Chew (my newest Opening Day tradition), fill your mouth with gum, and watch the season begin.  After Easter, I’ll buy the traditional snack I enjoy while watching every Tigers’ game: Better Made Cheddar Cheese Popcorn.

You may not like baseball, you may not watch it, but you have to admit, Opening Day is one of the best times in the city (any city).  Fans get their first chance to meet the newly aquired players, watch a home game, and see the team again.  It’s like Christmas, except only a lucky few will get presents (autographs signed before the game, foul balls, home run balls, thrown bats).

So, stay home from school, leave work early, and enjoy America’s game (Wheel of Fortune?).

Go Tigers!


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Opening Day!

  1. Many years a fan of the boys of summer, only wish I lived closer to catch the games in person. They are going all the way this year you know.

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